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Urban art balances between art and vandalism. It’s an unfettered statement, in which the anonymous creators can express themselves without caring about commercial trends or being politically correct. Anonymous expresses a gentle fusion between the real and surreal, between the quotidian and the ethereal, and merges these dual realities into one. This kind of creation, as with street art, can never be finished or defined.

Concept/ performance
Gosia Mielech

Live music
Anna Suda

Live video mapping
Olga Warabida 


Anonymous won the award for Most Abstract Idea at Licht.Blicke Festival in Nurnberg, 24 of October 2015.

11, 12 of June 2014 in Pawilon Nowa Gazownia, Poznan, Poland.

Further Showings

  • The Space, at Emerge C-12 Festival, London, United Kingdom: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of November 2014.
  • Teatro do Bairro at In Shadow Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 29 of November 2014.
  • Zamek - Cultural Centre, within "My Music" Project, Poznań, Poland, 23 of February 2015.
  • Rozbark Theatre, during "This is not a festival", Bytom, Poland, 1 of July 2015.
  • Teater 3, during Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sweden, 22 of October 2015.
  • Hubertusaall, during LichtBlicke Festival in Nurnberg, Germany, 24 of October 2015.
  • Krakow Centre for Contemporary Dance, during Spacer Festival, Krakow, Poland 03 of May 2016.
  • NonStopFestivalen, Moss, Norway, 23 of September 2016.
  • Stage for Contemporary Dance, Krakow, Poland, 11 of March 2017. 
  • Mrowisko, during Sfera Ruchu 2017/Pracownia Teatru Tańca, Zielona Góra, Poland, 18 of March 2017.

InShadow Anonymous Review >>

This Is Not a Festival Review >>

In this solo act, as the artist kept dazzling spectators with her movements performed with truly virtuosic perfection, the anonymous revealed herself through the body of the dancer - a great one, especially from a technical point of view. …What remains is the sole technically stunning performance and beauty of the ongoing game between the image and the body / movement.”
Review from In Shadow Festival in Lisbon, by Sofia Soromenho.

''Within the choreography of " Anonymous " the primary focus is the artist's interdisciplinary approach to dance and the arts. The perfect technical skills of the dancer, enabled her to create a spectacle which is surreal, dynamic and filled with stimulus,. Anonymous in its entirety is intertwined with its dance composition.''
Review from "This is Not a Festival" in Bytom, by Ramona Smieszek from Reflektor - a national culture magazine.