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Gaga Teachers Program

Gosia Mielech is currently based in Tel Aviv, where she is participating in Gaga teachers program.
Take a look at her creative collaboration with a talented artist and photographer from Canada, Alvin Collantes.


I had a great pleasure to perform Anonymous at Scena Tańca Współczesnego Kraków on the 11 of March and at Sfera Ruchu 2017 in Zielona Góra on the 18 of March.
Thank you for your invitation, hospitality, full house, an enthusiastic audience and great energy.

Invite to Anonymous Performance!

We would like to warmly invite to come and watch Anonymous performance on March 11, at 18.00 in SCKM - 

Scena Tańca Współczesnego Kraków.
You can reserve your tickets by sending an email to: scena.tanca.sckm@gmail.com


Performing COLLECTIVE JUMPS, by Isabelle Schad, during CoFestival, on the 1 of December, in Ljubljana.

Workshops: Improvisation. Body & Mind awareness

Poznań 5, 6 of November 2016.

The workshop is based on improvisation: a constant flow of energy and experimenting with one’s natural, organic movement.