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Video - Not Long Till Springtime


We are pleased to show you the final result of a great collaboration between Ray Wilson and Gosia Mielech. Gosia created the choreography and performed to Ray Wilson's latest single:  Not Long Till Springtime.

DanceLab at Contemporary Dance Festival

We would like to thank the hosts for inviting Gosia Mielech over to teach contemporary dance - choreography workshops and perform during the 5th edition of Contemporary Dance Festival Spacer in Krakow at Krakow Choreographic Centre.

Thank you very much for the time we spent together during the workshop and for your enthusiastic reaction to our Anonymous performance, showed on the 3 of May 2016.

DanceLab at Contemporary Dance Festival Spacer

Anonymous, choreographed by Gosia Mielech will be presented in Krakow, during Spacer Festival on the 3 of May 2016.
Gosia will also give workshops: contemporary dance/ choroegraphy during Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury.
See you there!

Ray Wilson "Not Long Till Springtime"

Gosia Mielech Performed in and Choreographed the new Ray Wilson video "Not long till Springtime".

I'mperfect: The Place, in London

It was a great pleasure to present the UK premier performance of I'mperfect, at The Place, in London, during Resolution 2016 Festival.
We had a full house, great feedback and pre performance jitters, followed by an overwhelming desire to dance and to share some magic!

Thank you all for making it possible.

Quotes taken from our two reviews.