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In Tel Aviv

Gosia Mielech had a great privilege to work creatively with super talented students from Ironi Alef School in Tel aviv and students from Ballet School in Poznan. 

It was a priceless time of sharing passion to dance, exchange creative thoughts, have inspiring meetings, and enjoy beautiful days in Israel. 

DanceLab win award for Most Abstract Idea

DanceLab performances: Anonymous and I'mperfect won the award for Most Abstract Idea at Licht.Blicke Festival in Nurnberg.
We are truly grateful and delighted to have been part of this great Festival.
Thank you !


Anonymous was performed on the 22 of October 2015, in Teater 3, during Stockholm Fringe Festival. It was DanceLab's Swedish premier - a totally unique experience.

Thank you Stoff Team for inviting us to this fascinating Festival.

Thank you Germany!

I'mperfect and Anonymous have been performed on the 24th of October 2015, in Hubertusaall during the 8 LichtBlicke Festival 2015 in Nurnberg.
Thank you LichtBlicke Team for a warm welcome, a beautiful stage and a great audience - we enjoyed performing for you very much. 

Gosia Mielech rocked the stage, performing Anonymous.

Gosia Mielech rocked the stage, performing Anonymous during This is Not a Festival in Bytom.