We Bleed The Same Color

We Bleed The Same Color

The piece explores the differences and similarities of how we understand and experience situations in relation to each other - how we take in our environments, social encounters, emotions and the underlying meaning of the experiences we have. This human experience is shaped by the way our senses and emotions are interpreted in the brain.

One of the phenomenons that shape our experience are the mirror neurons. These mirror cells fire up when watching the movements of another living being, as if practising to move the same way as the body we are watching. Their importance is in social interactions and are in the parts of the brain involved in meaning, control and
emotions. The mirror cells correlate with closeness and intimacy between individuals.

In the piece we play with arousing and disrupting connection and intimacy to highlight the ways in which we form social connections.

Choreography: Shi Pratt
Dancers: Malgorzata Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec
Light design: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
Costumes: Shi Pratt and DanceLab

Music: Collage
Duration: 30min

"The choreographer creates wonderful ambience and drama in this performance. With very effective use of lighting. The dancers, a major asset for "We bleed the same color" helped in creating a major accomplishment."
Stefan Drajewski, Głos Wielkopolski 10.06.2013

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