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Dance Labirynth was founded by DanceLab. Created by an overwhelming desire to share with the spectator, the creativity of unique artists, who are coming from different areas of art.

Dance Labirynth is innovative, extremely interesting and an unpredictable artistic project. You cannot assign it to any definite area of modern art, because Labirynth is in a form free from the traditional frame and limitations that theatre normally has.

It’s  a meeting of artists from various areas of art, who are mutually inspired by each other’s work and are either entering a dialogue or consciously denying any interaction. Diversity of the program  enables every spectator to find an intriguing and meaningful moment during the event.

Dance Labirynth is an integral part of the DanceLab evening, however it can also be performed as an individual cultural event. Labirynth can adopt any space in a new, original way, for example: gallery, museum, theatre or sports hall, as well as less conventional environments.