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Małgorzata Mielech

Gosia Mielech is a choreographer, dancer, and educator. She graduated from the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School in 2007. In 2012, together with Zofia Jakubiec, she co-founded DanceLab, but works also as an independent artist, taking part in many artistic collaborations and projects that focus dance training and promote an interdisciplinary approach to the art of dance (e.g. DanceLabirynth Project).

As a soloist of the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań (2007–2012), she had a chance to dance in a range of pieces by Polish and international choreographers, including:

  • Ohad Naharin
  • Yossi Berg
  • Jacek Przybyłowicz
  • Ewa Wycichowska
  • Gunhild Bjørnsgaard
  • Susanne Jaresand
  • Paulina Wycichowska
  • Andrzej Adamczak
  • Thierry Verger

She also co-created Unfulfillment with Zofia Jakubiec and Paweł Matyasik.

As an independent artist Małgorzata Mielech was involved in the creation of the solo Sacre directed by Krzysztof Raczkowski, which was presented at the 8th Spring Festival and the 10th Ballet Spring at the Grand Theatre in Poznań (2013).

  • She also co-created Sababa for DanceLab (premiered in June 2013, Polski Theatre, Poznań).
  • She co-created NILREB- a piece showed at the Uferstudios in Berlin, as a work-in-progress at the end of Her residency in the German capital, held by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw and the Mica Moca Project (September 2013).
  • She is the author of Anonymous, in which street art, live electronic music (Anna Suda), and mapping (Olga Warabida) mutually complement one another.
  • Małgorzata Mielech performs with DanceLab’s repertoire worldwide, including recent performances in London, Lisbon , Jerusalem, Berlin, Jena, Nurnberg, Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw, Bytom and others.
  • Recently, she took part in a project choreographed by Isabelle Schad, called " Collective Jumps” in Old Brewery New Dance – Arts Stations Foundation. Premiere took place on the 13/14 of December 2014 in Old Brewery New Dance, Poznan.

Since January 2015 she is working with choreographers Ivgi&Greben in Rozbark Dance Theatre (Poland). Their latest creation called “I give you my heart” had a premier on the 14th of February 2015. Currently she is on international tour with Bytom Dance Theatre and consequently creating and performing DanceLab’s repertoire.

She will present her latest duet called I'mperfect, choreographed together with Oliver Mahar on the 1st of July 2015, during This is Not a Festival in Bytom.

Małgorzata gives contemporary dance classes in Poland and abroad. Also, she is a Yoga and Pilates teacher.