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Fear- a tribal emotion that provokes destruction and can provide survival, a slimy creature that glides under your skin and poisons your blood. Come and meet a fearless girl going into a boxing ring with her demons, trying to understand the true essence of fear.


Urban art balances between art and vandalism. It’s an unfettered statement, in which the anonymous creators can express themselves without caring about commercial trends or being politically correct. Anonymous expresses a gentle fusion between the real and surreal, between the quotidian and the ethereal, and merges these dual realities into one. This kind of creation, as with street art, can never be finished or defined.


The main aspect of the performance is the meaning of Hebrew word Sababa, which translates itself as a positive state of mind, satisfaction, complacency, as well as, lightness, distance and frankness.

We Bleed The Same Color

The piece explores the differences and similarities of how we understand and experience situations in relation to each other - how we take in our environments, social encounters, emotions and the underlying meaning of the experiences we have. This human experience is shaped by the way our senses and emotions are interpreted in the brain.


Dance Labirynth was founded by DanceLab. Created by an overwhelming desire to share with the spectator, the creativity of unique artists, who are coming from different areas of art.

Dance Labirynth is innovative, extremely interesting and an unpredictable artistic project. You cannot assign it to any definite area of modern art, because Labirynth is in a form free from the traditional frame and limitations that theatre normally has.


'Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for the aesthetic perfection.'
Richard Courant